Nov 2015 – that’s the goal

We’ll still have the house payment, but even that ending is within sight. We refi’d to a 15-year mortgage back in 2003, one of the smartest things we’ve ever done. That mortgage wraps up in early 2018 without any help from us. Once we’re credit card free, we’ll want to build our savings back up at least a little because that’s lower than we’re comfy with. But then I expect we’ll start paying down the house to get that done a little earlier. I haven’t quite yet wrapped my brain around not having a house payment. But I imagine it’ll feel pretty darn good.


The insurance company is balking at getting the transmission fixed. Well of course they are, because if they had decided at the get go to fix it, they would have totaled it out, ($4k for the transmission, $3.5k for the body work) and paid off the car instead.

So we are now at a point where, depending on what happens after the tear down, we have to decide what to do with it.

1. Park it, and keep paying on it until it is paid off ($5k)

2. Trade it in, as is, they “might” give us enough to pay off the loan, but we’d have to come up with $2k or so for another payday loan online (I don’t have the $ to do that, so it’s academic.)

3. Trade in the 4Runner (paid off), and get a loan on a smaller 30-40mpg car.

Options 1 and 3 mean we are down to 1 car, period. We don’t have $4k to fix it ourselves, nor do we have $2k (option 2) to put down on another vehicle.

I was out of town on the first but dh got paychecks in the bank

I have not gotten cash yet to fund the envelopes but will get that done by tomorrow. I have been out of town so much over the last couple of weeks that my plan for today is to enjoy a day at home! Yeah! Staying home can save money like no other habit!

Today I plan on doing to some work related to my coaster business to help bring in more money, start getting ready for craft shows, etc.

Jhon, you’re funny :)

We’ve already heard from Lucy about how she saved her family a goodly amount of money per week, AND got the payment she wanted from the auto dealership. That’s gotta earn some extra credit in someone’s book.

But just in case that wasn’t enough, yes we’ve been plugging along here too. We paid off one small snowball, the annual bill with our accountant for tax prep for the house/business. That was only $50/month but this is the earliest in the year we’ve paid it off in a long time. From this point forward, that bill will be much smaller each year so we’ll probably put that amount towards other bills for the time being, then set up a sinking fund for it early next year. Better yet, we’re getting more proactive now with setting up sinking funds for other various known but irregular costs. I have individual sinking funds for two debts and one of the regular farm expenditures, and we’re about to set up two more sinking funds, one for the household propane and another for farm mechanical repairs. Small steps, but very satisfying steps.

In other news, our 2010 tax bill is now under $1500, and the biggest debt of all, my old credit card bill, just dropped below $12K. My goal is to get those two bills paid off by my 50th birthday, which is just over a year away. It’ll be a challenge to get there, but now I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Just in the last few weeks I’ve started to think gosh, we’re really going to get there! We’re going to be debt free soon! I haven’t been without credit card debt since……….. ……… 1987. Geez. We started with $30K+ debt in autumn 2011 when we started FPU, Still blows my mind that despite all the ups and downs over the last few years, we’re already this close.

So I got a job rejection from Bank of America today

I’m not taking it personally, but it’s laughable when a person with dual degrees in Finance and Business Administration and a teaching minor in ACCOUNTING is told by a BANK that there are more qualified candidates for a Mortgage Loan Coordinator (translation: glorified receptionist who knows that an ARM is a rate not a body part.)

On the other hand, I had a job interview with Payless Shoesource yesterday that seemed to go pretty well. The only issue will be money I think. It’s like WAY THE HECK down in south Orange county…and no hope, ever, of getting up here to my neck of the woods. That’s a minimum $600-800 a month in gas in my vehicle.

Well, I bought a package from Mr.Markus website

and got a slew of his audio lessons from FPU. Since I never took the course (just read TMM), I have to say that it is a nice shot in the arm of energy to really get going on things.

It’s important to do that kind of thing from time to time. Otherwise, it is hard to stay as energized as time goes by.

Mr. Markus is a great speaker – easy to listen to. I could not wait to need to drive somewhere again so that I could listen to the next lesson.

I want to implement a few changes as soon as I have time.

Good Morning

I mystery shopped for years as supplemental income for my family. In fact I write a blog titled “See the USA the Mystery Shopping Way”. However, due to health reasons, and the tightening up of what they will and won’t pay for in mystery shopping I have pretty much quit this job.
In answer to your question lists legit mystery shops and I have shopped for many of the companies listed there. Most of which are good companies. However, many if not most will forbid you to take anyone with you on 90% of the shops. Especially a child.

The exceptions being ones that are fast food orientated and some by Corporate Research that require you to take a child clothes shopping, video game shopping etc.

Mystery shopping can be rewarding but it can also be very taxing. The main thing I can say is read the rules CLOSELY on each and every shop because things change with no warning and if you don’t follow their rules they will not pay you.

The fast food shops are generally a reimbursement type shop, meaning you pay for the fast food, then you get reimbursed up to 45 days later. Some will also pay you a small amount in addition. These and entertainment venues are about the only shops I still do and then I pick and choose which ones I want and use it for a meal and movie for our family that day.


I’ve been hacking and slashing through my budget, and all frills have been taken out. BUT, I need additional income, and was hoping that maybe Mystery Shopping might be a good supplemental income that I could still take my 8YO son along.
Does anyone do this, and which companies do you recommend? Thanks! :)